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Jules Luther


The Portals of Peril: 

Book One in the 

Hometown Hero Trials

So many of us wonder what it would be like to be a superhero, and Rick Nichols gets to answer that question without the benefit of either mythological backstory or mysterious powers: start with an interest in science, volunteer for some stunts, bring your best friend and your dog, get blamed for everything going wrong around you, and then fix it. 

Book Status: Semi-Finalist in Chanticleer Gertrude Warner Award for Middle Grade Fiction

Published Title Coming Soon!

Jane MacDonald


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Julie Morrison




Emma Wilson dreamed of happily ever after in the West, and thought she’d found it when she moved her marriage and household from a corporate life in Seattle back home to Arizona. But she didn’t move to a dream – she moved to a ranch. BARBED is the book that traces her journey as she chases fantasies, finds adventures, and dreams anew.

Book Status: Short Listed for Chanticleer Journey Award for Memoir and Narrative Non-Fiction

Published Title Coming Soon!